Top Home Upgrades That Remarkably Pay Off
Top Home Upgrades That Remarkably Pay Off
February 17, 2021

Best Ways To Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has no rules. If you and your family are unprepared, the storm won’t wait. In order to protect your home and loved ones, you must know the best ways to prepare your home for hurricane season before it strikes.


Windows are the first to go when hurricane-force winds hit a community. By preparing ahead of time, your windows will make it through the storm.

When living in a coastal area, it’s wise to invest in Bahama Shutters for protection from storms. (A bonus of the shutters is they flatter the sand-and-water lifestyle, adding a cottage style charm to your coastal home.)

When shutters aren’t available, have plenty of plywood on hand to prepare to cover the windows when a storm is coming. Stock up now before the season is in full swing.

Gutters and Drains

Gutters and drains can become clogged during the torrential downpours of storms. Clean them out while the weather is peaceful so they don’t get clogged when the storms come.

Sump Pump

Now is the time to have sump pumps serviced while the rain is at a minimum. The last thing your home needs is a failed sump pump in the middle of a storm.

Have sump pumps serviced regularly to keep them well maintained.

Surge Protection

A surge in power can occur suddenly during a storm and unexpectedly destroy appliances. Rather than be left without air conditioning because the unit was struck by lightning, invest in surge protection ahead of time.

Keep the Yard Clean

When a storm hits, debris takes flight. Regularly walk the property to make sure there aren’t stray twigs or sticks, branches, or rocks lying around that could be blow around during strong winds.

Seal Doors and Windows

Wherever there are leaks, water can get in. Rain has been known to fly sideways during a hurricane. It can pour right into your home through improperly sealed areas.

Have the doors and windows checked for proper sealing.

Some of the best ways to prepare your home for hurricane season are easily accomplished in a day or two. Set aside the time and you’ll be thankful you did when the strong storms looms on the horizon.

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