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Bad Driving Habits That Cost You Money

For many drivers, their cars are their chariots, and they are willing to pay a healthy sum to keep them running well. However, as willing as we are to pay the price for our cars, there are bad habits we pick up that can take an unnecessary toll on our vehicles and our wallets. These are some bad driving habits that cost you money that you should quit today.


When we think of speeding, we usually have an image of a reckless hotshot behind the wheel of a bright red Ferrari. And maybe that’s you. But usually, we speed without noticing, because our thoughts are elsewhere. Speeding leaves you wide open for speeding tickets and takes a bite out of your car’s fuel economy, costing you more every time you go to the pump.

But this bad driving habit costs you money in other, less apparent ways too. Driving fast wears out your car a lot more quickly than driving at a reasonable speed. Hitting turns too quickly harms your car’s suspension, braking takes tread off your tires, and faster speeds cause greater friction between the moving parts of the engine.

Driving on Empty

Because gas prices can be expensive, it may seem logical to allow the car to get nearly empty before filling it up. You want to get your money’s worth, after all. However, driving the vehicle on empty can damage it, because it allows dirt at the bottom of your tank to filter through the engine. This can cost you money in the long run. It also forces you to pay a little more per fill-up at the pump.

Unnecessary Weight

We do not usually think much of leaving things like coats, bags, or toolboxes in the car. But over time, the weight of these things adds up. Your car may not seem to be driving differently, but that weight will impact your car’s fuel efficiency as well as take a toll on your car’s suspension. You can check your vehicle’s manual to find your car’s recommended load limit, but the easiest thing to do is just bring your odds and ends into the house with you.

Washing the Car Incorrectly

Washing the car yourself is a good choice for the car owner trying to save some money and take their car’s care into their hands. However, you can damage your car body by washing the car incorrectly. This means using dish soap and a rag instead of soap and cloths made for the purpose. To prevent scratches to your paint job that are pricey to repair, you should also apply wax or ceramic coating. That will keep your car safe and sparkling.

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