Top Tips for Decorating Your First House
Top Tips for Decorating Your First House
October 23, 2020
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Simplest Home Projects To Try on Your Own
October 28, 2020

How To Make Your Home More Relaxing

How To Make Your Home More Relaxing

Nowadays, our homes play a lot of roles from workplaces to school spaces and home gyms to virtual hang-out spots. Because of this, having a space where we can feel calm and not stressed is more important than ever. This is how to make your home more relaxing. 

Clean & Organize 

Studies show that those with dirty or cluttered homes are more likely to be stressed. This is no surprise. Dirty or unorganized spaces tend to burden you with excessive stimuli and makes it difficult to focus, contributing to stress. Organizing a space to clear it of clutter will make any area far more relaxing than an unorganized space. Also, taking time to deep-clean spaces where you wind-down—such as vacuuming couches or taking time to replace your sheets if it’s been a  while—will help you truly relax. 

Cut the Design Chaos 

Chaos doesn’t only come from clutter. Sometimes, the way we design a space can be chaotic, making it less relaxing. Color impacts your mood, so adding too many of them or too many different patterns can work against relaxation. Focus on a few colors that you personally find soothing for a more relaxing design. Also, focusing on fewer pieces of furniture will make a room feel less crowded and overburdened, often making it more relaxing. 

Touches of Things You Love

Some people feel a great sense of calm when surrounded by books; others feel peace when they step into the great outdoors. Putting little nods to your favorite things in a room can make you feel more relaxed, especially if you are working from a home office. That thing you love doesn’t have to be a hobby either. Adding photos of loved ones and friends can be a comforting addition to a space, making it feel homier. 

Incorporate Plants

Whether you love the outdoors or not, add plants to your home. Plants help purify the air, reduce background noise, and make the environment feel more natural. Also, as we mentioned before, colors can impact mood, and green is typically thought of as a soothing color associated with health and stress-relief. 

Of all the roles your home plays, being a space where you can feel relaxed and at home has to be one of them. It does not take a professional designer to make your home more relaxing. It’s simply a matter of taking out a little of what gives you stress and adding a little of what gives you peace.

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