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What Kind of Clothes Should You Donate?

Donating your old clothes is always a great thing to do. However, donating the right
clothes can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Most of us are guilty of having a few more clothes than we probably need. Rather
than letting them sit in your closet for weeks on end, why not use them to do some
good? You may be wondering how much good a few clothes can do, but depending
on what you donate, the answer could be quite a lot. Certain kinds of clothes are
worth a little more to charities than others. We’ll answer the question, “What kind of
clothes should you donate?” so that you can know how best to help your community.

Shoes & Socks
Some of the most requested items by homeless shelters and the people who
frequent them are good quality socks and shoes. As these people move around a lot, they tend to need new socks and shoes regularly. Picking up an extra package of
socks to donate to your local shelter can make a huge impact in someone’s life.
Similarly, lightly used shoes are perfectly acceptable donations as well.

Winter Jackets
At the onset of winter, cold weather clothing becomes sorely needed by those who
cannot afford it on their own. Sometimes, a coat or jacket will be all someone has to
fend off the cold. Remember that shelters and charities will take these any time of
the year, so donating early just means they will be more prepared for the next winter.

Fresh Underwear
It should go without saying, but underwear is a necessity for everyone that wears
clothes. Similar to socks, shelters don’t receive these items as often as they’re
necessary. Part of the reason is that these, too, have to be fresh and unworn.
Getting some of these the next time you are at a store can go a long way to making
someone feel much more comfortable.

Professional Attire
One of the challenges a lot of homeless people face is not having the right clothing
to be appropriate at something like a job interview. If you have extra professional
clothes that you no longer wear, donating them can be a huge help to someone who
can’t afford nice clothing but needs it to improve their position.

What kind of clothes should you donate? Really, anything that is in decent condition
that you believe could help someone in need. Some charities, like the Purple Heart
organization, will even come right to your door to pick up clothing donations
for you. With this knowledge, there are very few reasons not to donate a few of your
clothes and help someone out.

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