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Tony McGhee NEW VOICE and the RIGHT CHOICE for New Hanover County Board of Education 2020


By Paige Freeman

Tony McGhee, a candidate for NHC Board of Education, grew up right here in New Hanover County.  In the third grade, as New Hanover County integrated schools, Tony was among some of the first black students that attended a ‘white’ school.  According to Tony, that was quite an experience.  Tony’s high school experience included being a part of the VICA club by way of Radio and TV repair class, playing Alto Saxophone in the marching band, and driving a school bus.  This was during the time that high school students, can you believe it,  actually drove school buses here in New Hanover County.

A mere twelve days after graduating from New Hanover High School in June of 1975, Tony was in Marine Corp boot camp.  This was one of the best decisions in Tony’s life.  You see, Tony was not a very good student by the time he graduated from high school.  As a matter of fact, Tony had lost interest in academics, the joy of learning was long gone.  The Marine Corps changed all of that.  No excuses were accepted, and mastery of basic subject matter was demanded.  After a few years as an active duty Marine Tony graduated from the USMC Computer Sciences School, where he was trained to write in the COBOl programming language.  This was a major watershed moment in that he was first exposed to the idea of looking at things in a logical manner.  Tony was on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.

Tony served as an active duty Marine for eight and one-half years before receiving an honorable discharge. Tony then used the training that he received in the Marine Corp and parlayed that into a nearly thirty year IT professional career.  

Tony moved back to the New Hanover County area and founded a local church the first Sunday of 1994.  He is still the Pastor and founder of Liberty Bible Church.

As a longtime conservative Republican, Tony’s strong voice has been heard as he has articulated and defended the Conservative principles that contributed to the greatness of this experiment we call America.

Tony has been involved in many political grass root activities that esteem and promote the principles of individual responsibility,  small but functioning federal government, and commitment to free market ideas.  This includes editorials, speeches, and even hosting ‘The Tony McGhee Show’. 

Tony McGhee’s strong conservative voice will serve as a balancing and insightful element during this challenging time for education in America, especially in New Hanover County. His community involvement, passion for kids and family-first approach are the exact elements our current education system needs.

Being a Black American community leader in our area, he serves as an incredible role model himself.  Tony currently serves as a member of the Board of Presbytery of Covenant Christian Faith International Fellowship, Board of Directors of Fellowship of Christian Athletes,  Board of Trustees for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center, a member of the AABC of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and other local boards.

Besides being a Pastor and Teacher, Tony is also an independent representative for LegalShield, a national legal services company.  Tony and his wife, Deon, have a blended family of 11 children.  This has contributed to his preparation to serve as a contributing and effective member of the New Hanover County Board of Education.  A vote for Tony McGhee is a vote for New Hanover County.

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