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3 Smart Ways To Add Lighting to Your Kitchen

It’s natural to want more lighting in your kitchen, but you can’t just blitz it with all
kinds of new bulbs, fixtures, and other features. Rather than throwing resources at
lighting that may not work, plan for a layout you know will allow everything to gel
well. For some help, discover our three smart ways to add lighting to your kitchen.

Ambient Lighting: The Range of Pendant Lights
First, decide on ambient lighting that sets the proper tone for your kitchen space. The
beauty of pendant lights is the breadth of options within this category. In general, the
term refers to a fixture that hangs from the ceiling and usually has just one bulb.
Pendant lights can include shades that focus some light downwards or ones that

encapsulate the whole bulb to make the light warmer. They can be soft-edged and
circular or come in a modern, boxy shape. Pendants fly solo sometimes, while others
go best with some other pendant friends around.

All these options allow you to tailor your lighting needs with precision rather than just
making do with whatever your builder gave you or whatever the last owners had.

Accent/Task Lighting: Install Under-Cabinet Light Bars & Puck Lights
Ambient lighting is a popular thing to address when you’re revamping your kitchen’s
look, but few people realize how accent and task lighting also play into it. In a typical
kitchen, the cabinets cut off countertop light, creating a sort of blackout zone. When
you’re cooking or entertaining, these dead zones make the space look cavernous
and uninviting.

One practical and aesthetically on-point idea is to install LED light bars or puck
. The former is long and perfect for countertop lighting, while the latter excels at
task lighting for the sink or stove area. Each provides balance to your kitchen by
supplementing current lighting rather than stealing the spotlight.

Natural Lighting: Go In on a Skylight
Our final smart way to add lighting to your kitchen takes a bit more work. If you’re
craving natural light, a skylight may be worth it. This is a soothing way to move away
from the artificiality of indoor lighting, but it also has other benefits. For one, a
skylight lengthens your ceiling and makes the room feel bigger. On top of that, the
sunlight that comes in will save you money you would otherwise spend on heating.
Provided you have good contractor connections, a skylight is certainly one of the
more exciting lighting possibilities.

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