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September 16, 2020
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Cool Weather Prep: Fall Window Maintenance Tips

Cool Weather Prep: Fall Window Maintenance Tips

The cooler seasons are officially upon us, and it’s crucial that we take the time to
ensure our homes are ready for the months ahead. Otherwise, we risk existing
problems becoming worse, requiring us to spend more money to keep us
comfortable. For these reasons, your windows are the first places you should
consider. Acting as the primary barrier between us and the outside world, our
windows often sustain a fair amount of damage, so use these fall window
maintenance tips to protect them and yourself from the cold.
Clean and Inspect for Seal Breaks

One of the most important things you can do for your windows in the fall is to
regularly clean and inspect them for leaks. The season comes with a lot of wind,
often depositing dirt, dust, and leaves on their glass surfaces. Untreated, this can
reduce their effectiveness and increase the chances of them sustaining damage.
Occasionally wiping them down with a cleaning solution can go a long way to
lengthening their lifespan. You should also check the seal around the windows to
ensure that no water or dirt can get into the home.

Repair Any Leaks and Inspect Again
Should you notice any broken seals or leaks, it’s best to repair them right away.
These areas are what keep any dirt and water along the exterior from entering your
home and causing potential damage. When patching leaks, lay a thin layer of
caulking material over the broken areas, and let it dry completely. Make sure that
you keep debris away from this area while it cures to prevent anything from sticking
and reducing its effectiveness.

Replace Those Beyond Repair
If your windows are incredibly broken, run-down, or just not working anymore, then
the most important fall window maintenance tip you can use is to replace them. After
all, they won’t be doing you much good in that state, and they can even make your
problems worse, should a storm come through. In fact, it’s best to replace them
every 20 years, anyway, to guarantee strength and resilience.

Install Shutters To Cover Them
Additionally, you can install a new set of moveable shutters to provide your windows
with extra protection during the grueling months. There are several benefits of using
exterior shutters
, but arguably the most important is the strength and overall
durability they provide. These attachments can withstand severe weather conditions
and provide insulation to the window areas when latched. This not only keeps the
glass safer from damage, but it also helps keep your home warmer while using less

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