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Whether installing them yourself or with a professional contractor, granite countertops are not perfect. There are some costly mistakes everyone must avoid.

Granite countertops are beautiful, strong home pieces found in kitchens, bathrooms, or elsewhere around the house. As sturdy and eye-popping as they are, it’s important to realize granite countertops come with their own risk assessment. Here are some common granite countertop mistakes to avoid so that you or a professional complete the installation without issues.

Not Sticking to the Budget

Granite countertops are not cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should splurge either. As with any part of a home remodel, it’s essential you stick to your budget. A detailed budget can ensure your granite countertops receive attentive care while also accounting for surrounding features, such as a built-in sink, light fixtures, or appliances. Similarly, sticking to a budget might indicate whether to use a professional contractor or if you should self install.

Obsessing Over Thickness

One common mistake many homeowners continue to make is choosing the wrong thickness. When they picture their countertops, they imagine a sturdy, durable piece of stone. However, the thickness is still an important consideration. For instance, granite countertops vary from ¾” to 1 and ¼”. Therefore, choosing the wrong thickness could show too many seams and lower the aesthetic value.

Prioritizing Color

Like with the thickness, obsessing over the color is also a common mistake. While color is important, it’s not the end of the world. There are rare, bold, colorful, eccentric, and versatile colors to choose from, so carefully look through your choices. Some are easier to stain than others, which can result in higher maintenance costs. Further, darker colors hide stains better and come at a lower maintenance cost.

Not Supporting any Overhang

Still, one of the most common granite countertop mistakes to avoid is not supporting any overhang. Overhang is the amount of granite extending from the edge of the countertop. While slight overhang is important for aesthetics and functionality, too much can lead to cracking, warps, and breakage. A professional contractor should consider overhang when installing the granite countertop, but if you’re doing it yourself, you might not recognize it. In this case, it’s important to know how to properly support a countertop overhang to avoid ruining the counter.

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