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A home by the lake is a highly coveted place to live during the warmer months. If you’re lucky enough to have one, enrich your outdoor experience there with these summer lake house must-haves.

Spending your time in a lakefront home during the warmer months of the year is a great way to unwind and spend quality time with your family. It also means you have the perfect environment for outdoor activities, both on land and in the water. If your property is still a bit bare-bones, this list is the perfect guide to get you on the path to a summer home that’s perfectly equipped for summer fun.

A Hammock

On a lazy afternoon, you might find yourself wanting a nice spot to rest in the open air. A hammock will let you do this with ease. You can find more traditional thin versions or cushioned variants that can be hung from trees or between the pillars of a roofed patio. Don’t feel defeated if you lack these kinds of spaces around your home, though; there are plenty of hammocks that come with a stand as well, which you can set out anywhere you want. With one set up, you’ll have the chance to sit or lay down with that carefree feeling you can only get while cradled in your comfortable, suspended bed.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Your freedom to soak up the sun is a benefit of staying at your lake house, but there will also be instances when you’ll want some shade. Stay cool and read a book or chat contentedly with outdoor umbrellas. Get several so you can stand them up and move them as needed. There may be some days when you’ll want a source of shade right by the lake’s edge, while on others you may want to gather all your umbrellas in one spot nearer to the house for a picnic. 

A Removable Deck

Not every waterfront home will come fully furnished with a nice deck from the start. Should your home lack a deck, a top summer lake house must-have is a removable deck. There are a few different types of removable decks, including some that float and others that roll in and out of position with wheels. What they all share, though, is the ability to move. This means you can stow them away while you’re gone in the winter, ensuring that they aren’t damaged. When you do come to your lake house, your deck will be ready to use with no issue at all.

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