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April 28, 2020
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July 9, 2020

Stealth is truly one of the most innovative ways to exercise… without realizing it! More info below on this breakthrough product that works 29 muscle groups while playing video games!
Gamify Your Workout and Reap the Rewards with Stealth.

With experts predicting the gaming market will reach $90B in 2020 and Esports on the rise as the sport of choice during the Pandemic, it’s clear that consumers are looking for ways to relax, be engaged, and let off steam digitally.

Enter Stealth.

Stealth is changing the way you work out by offering a digital experience that engages your muscles and your mind. This unique fitness tool transforms your body into the controller, challenging you to build strength, gain muscle, and get toned in order to win it all. 

As you plank, twist, and turn your way through their exciting games, you’ll be working 29 muscle groups–especially the core. Best of all, Stealth features built in leader boards and a steadily growing group of fans looking to compete for the top and push you to your personal best. 


Stealth Highlights:

• Pairs fitness with strategically designed video games you can play on your phone

• Uses your body as the game controller so you can build a strong core while going for the high score

• Targets 29 muscles from head to toe, including abs, glutes, legs, arms, shoulders, and more!

• Helps you develop a stronger, longer plank without even realizing it

• Provides an effective workout in as little as 3 minutes!

• Compatible with any size phone

• Stealth App is FREE and offers games to choose from

• Use the app to track your progress, measure your results on the worldwide leaderboard, and start private challenges with friends and family 

• Enjoy FREE Stealth Nation facebook group with 25K+ Stealth users, fitness experts and coaches at

Whether you’re a gamer trying to stay in shape or a diehard gym user looking to add more mental stimulation to your workouts, Stealth has it all. 

$99 – learn more on

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