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January 3, 2020
January 13, 2020


Give your home a fresh new look with design tips from the experts.

Small changes in décor can make a big difference to a room. Just ask our team of local interior designers who delight in mixing things up to refine a space. 

This Winter, while trapped inside, why not try out a few of the following design tips courtesy of Big Sky Design, Design Results, Brunswick Design Interiors, and Homfusion and give a room or two a fresh, new look!

Big Sky Design
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1. A beautifully dressed window can solve some of the biggest decorating dilemmas… Tip: If you love soft sheer curtains that allow light to get in, combine an opaque roman shade, roller blind, or shutter that can be pulled down or closed to maintain privacy at night and block morning light.

2. Layer your Lighting: Ambient lighting provides overall illumination for the whole room… Tip: Use wall sconces to add some extra accent lighting or in place of bedside table lamps to save space on a small nightstand. Generally, they should be 4 to 6 inches away from the side of your headboard or bed frame and approximately 2 feet above the mattress.

3. Furniture Selections: When choosing furniture, start out with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space. Furniture should fit the room it lives in. Tip: Avoid bulky furniture in a small room. If the ceiling is high, a taller headboard, canopy, or four-poster bed will help to visibly proportion it.

Design Results
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1. For a more contemporary look and feel, the perfect light makes an understatement! Here a linear light fixture complements the lines of the room by gracing the dining space with pure, bright light as opposed to the use of a heavy, pendulous and imposing chandelier.

2. Keep the action in a busy office space rolling by using a curved corner desk, a great looking chair on wheels, and letting lots of sunlight in! Here, a rolling chair in distressed, vintage leather, spins quickly around room grounded in earth tones and sporting simple shades by Hunter Douglas.

3. How to dress a bed: Here I’ve combined colors from the surf, sky, and sand. Don’t be afraid to use lots of toss pillows in different fabrics, colors, sheens, and sizes. Bed skirts tend to look messy. In this room, small, tapered wooden legs and a pleat in the upholstered bed frame above, create crisp lines. A plush, textured throw blanket in the right color compliments any room. 

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1. Remove all personal items so that the buyer can focus on how the home will fit their lifestyle and needs.

2. Declutter and clean the home. Remove excess furniture and decor. Keep it simple!

3. Keep the color palette neutral so the buyer sees the house, not the furnishings.

Brunswick Design Interiors
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1. There isn’t a one size fits all floor plan or one architectural style or interior design aesthetic that works for everyone. The build process requires the use of many different design and construction professionals. Getting your team together early to formulate space plans, two- and three-dimensional design concepts and sketches allows for creative and innovative solutions; which often lead to faster project delivery and best cost value. When your team collaborates together to establish reasonable budgets, a realistic schedule and clearly defined expectations at the start, surprises are avoided.

2. All materials aren’t created equal. You may love the look of encaustic cement; but, not the maintenance required to keep them looking like new. Did you know the heat from a fireplace can damage the sealant used on a quartz? A better alternative is porcelain which is available in so many options that imitate everything from marble, quartz, soapstone and cement. When choosing multiple tiles for a shower, you need to make sure they are of the same thickness.

3. Ombré isn’t just for hair. Bright and shiny metallics are here to stay. Colors are bolder and brighter and are becoming more prevalent on all different types of materials and fixtures. Almost every plumbing fixture manufacturer offers, gold, rose gold and yes, even Ombré. Some of the hottest trends in kitchen for 2020 will be bright colored stoves, range hoods and refrigerators. Some of these trends are timeless. Afterall, who doesn’t love navy blue and gold. Now it is also possible to introduce texture and bold pops of color with peel & stick removable wallpapers. Color and texture are fundamental elements to art and design. They allow us to show our personalities!

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